Mimic Pro Paid Search Ads Reflection

Throughout the semester, I have been using a simulation in our Digital Advertising class. In this simulation, we have been creating both email and search campaigns and seeing the results based on our work. This post reflects my experience with the paid advertising portion of the simulation.

  • What have you learned about CTRs? What types of keywords did you find performed the best?

I found that while it is important to get a lot of clicks, the quality of those clicks matter just as much. I had a couple of rounds where I generated a lot of clicks but had few conversions. On the other hand, there were other rounds where I generated less clicks but had more conversions. It depends heavily on how much the customer is attracted after they click to whether they convert or not.

The keywords that worked best for me had a high number of searches with medium competition. I always increased my bid price up about 20-30% from the base cost in order to get some lower cost traffic.

  • What metrics did you find important? How did that change through your experience?

I always looked at Clicks and Conversions, because they were what directly affected my profit and profit margin. I always kept track of what the conversion rate was based on my clicks. This way, I could try to have the most efficient conversion rate as I could. I was more focused on the quality of the clicks before the quantity.

  • What strategy worked best for you in Paid Search? How do you think this will translate to the “real world”?

For me, I think finding the best keywords to use was the most important thing. I switched it up every round to try different options. Most of them didn’t do much of anything, so every round I’d take some of them and swap them for new ones. I think this is one of the most versatile ways to customize your paid ads and see how it can help or hurt you.

  • How did your experience with Mimic Pro match up with the tactics and knowledge you gained in the Google Ad Fundamentals Certification?

In the Google Ads Certification, we learned the basics of paid ads. In the simulation, we got to use that knowledge and apply it to a real scenario with fake money. We got to see how each input affected our outcomes but because it was a simulation, we didn’t actually lose money when we didn’t do well.

  • Do you feel this was a valuable experience? What would make the experience more beneficial? Do you feel this experience will help you execute Paid Search Campaigns in the “real world”?

Absolutely! Like I said above, this simulation allows us to try different methods and strategies but without the consequences of the real world if we don’t do that well. If a round didn’t do as well as we wanted it to, we could evaluate it and fix that issue in the next round. Then, we could see if our modification actually fixed an issue and improved the bottom line. If it didn’t fix it, there were no worries and we tried again in the next round.

  • If you could offer any advice to your instructor or Stukent on how to improve this experience, what would that be?

The only thing I would like to see would be is more feedback on the results page after each round. I wish we could see how every part of our campaigns did on those pages. I know I can access this in the next round, but I’d like to see it in both places.

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