Mimic Pro Email Campaign Reflection

Throughout the semester, I have been using a simulation in our Digital Advertising class. In this simulation, we have been creating both email and search campaigns and seeing the results based on our work. This post reflects my experience with the email campaign portion of the simulation.

  • What have you learned about Open Rates? What types of subject lines and/or preview text did you find performed the best? What about the different email contact lists? Which ones worked best and why do you think they worked?

First off, you have to go into this knowing that not a lot of people are going to open you email compared to how many you sent out in the first place. My best open rate was 15%, but that was still over 1,700 opens.

I found that if the subject line contained something about a sale or deals, people were more attracted to them. Sometimes people won’t even be looking to buy something, until they see it on sale and seize the opportunity.

The only contact list I had any luck with was the large 11,500 person list. I ended up getting 3 conversions with it. I used every single one at some point and the two smaller ones I never got a single conversion on. I’m wondering if the others were too small for the type of ads, I was running to get a conversion.

  • What metrics did you find important? How did that change through your experience?

The biggest thing I paid attention to was the open rate and click rate. Although these numbers are generally pretty low, they are what directly affects how much you make. Both of them also show the efficiency of your email campaign. A higher open rate might suggest that your subject line is good, and a higher click rate may suggest that your ad is visually really good.

  • What strategy and content worked best for you in the Emails? How do you think this will translate to the “real world”?

I tried to always include something about a deal or sale in the subject line for every round. I also always tried to make my ads as visually appealing as I could. I included specifications about that cameras on the ad to draw them in and include what cameras were also on sale. I think in the real world ads will always have to visually appeal to their target. This is why you see so many out of the box ideas for visuals on all sorts of ads.

  • How did your experience with Mimic Pro match up with the tactics and knowledge you gained in the HubSpot Email Marketing Certification?

In the HubSpot program, we learned what it takes to build an effective email campaign. Similar to the paid ads, we got to use that knowledge and apply it to a real scenario with fake money. We got to see how each input and different designs and subject lines affected our outcomes but because it was a simulation, we didn’t actually lose money when we didn’t do well.

  • Do you feel this was a valuable experience? What would make the experience more beneficial? Do you feel this experience will help you execute better Email Marketing Campaigns in the “real world”?
  • Absolutely! Like I said above, this simulation allows us to try different methods and strategies but without the consequences of the real world if we don’t do that well. If a round didn’t do as well as we wanted it to, we could evaluate it and fix that issue in the next round. Then, we could see if our modification actually fixed an issue and improved the bottom line. If it didn’t fix it, there were no worries and we tried again in the next round. I found myself trying out different subject lines, cameras, designs, and audiences each round to attempt to bring customers in.
  • If you could offer any advice to your instructor or Stukent on how to improve this experience, what would that be?

I’d like to see which parts of our campaigns did well and what didn’t. By that, I wish the program dissected each aspect of our email and gave feedback on how we can improve it or change it up. Overall though, this is a great simulation that gives us real feedback in a real life scenario.

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