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My Life


Snowmobiling in Upper Peninsula, Michigan



Playing at Copeland Park at W.I.A.A. State Sectionals



Hiking at Devil’s Lake


Riding ATVs in Northern Wisconsin

About Me

My name is Bryce Schiffman and I am from Waunakee, a town in south-central Wisconsin. I lived there my entire life with my parents and younger sister until graduating high school, at which point I moved to La Crosse to attend Western Technical College in the Marketing Management Program.

As long as I can remember, I’ve had a huge interest in power-sports and consider myself a huge car enthusiast. My winter free time is spent snowmobiling when there’s snow and the spring, summer, and fall are spent on the lake, riding ATVs, and going to car shows. I also love football and baseball as well as traveling and find places with a good view. Every picture you’ll see on my site is of somewhere that I’ve been in my life.

I decided to gravitate towards the marketing field because I am creative and enjoy finding new ways to do things. The idea of advertising products and sales has always been an interest of mine. Through Western Technical College, I am a member of Collegiate DECA where I have competed at both the state and national levels and I also act as the chapter secretary.  I love meeting new people and forming solid relationships so feel free to contact me by phone, (608)-712-6309 or send me an email at schiffmanb@students.westerntc.edu.


Group Ebook – How to use Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn for marketing

This eBook was a collaboration effort between myself and two of my classmates. It shows how Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn can be used as a promotional/marketing tool for a small business. We gathered the information and formatted it into chapters in the book. The eBook can be viewed in the link below in a PDF …


Bryce Schiffman


Western Technical College

(608)- 712-6309